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Get email marketing. Constant Contact Solution Provider at bAdministration Web Marketing in Baltimore.
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Email Marketing with Constant Contact

Create effective email marketing and other online marketing campaigns.

Send emails that pop

Choose from 100+ mobile-optimized, easy-to-customize email templates that will make your brand break through the clutter.

More contacts, more customers

Collect email addresses on your website, from Facebook, through mobile, and more—so your business reaches more and more people.

High-fives in real time

Track your success with real-time reporting and robust analytics, so you know who’s opening what and which emails work best.

baltimore email marketing

What’s New with Email Marketing

The Constant Contact platform makes email marketing easier, faster, and more powerful than ever. With 100+ email templates to choose from and easy to navigate drag and drop editing, you won’t believe how easily you can customize each email so that all of your campaigns match your brand’s logo, colors, fonts, and overall look and feel. That way when your email goes out, your customers can see they are engaging with a brand they already know and trust.

Constant Contact Service Packages

Whether you opt for start up services or managed services, we can help you determine your pricing and service.

Account Setup


Start Up

  • Set up Constant Contact account with client’s information, images, and contact information.
  • Assist client with collection processes including insertion of sign-up form on website.
  • Select and customize communications template with client’s colors, logo, and desired formatting.
  • Upload client contacts into specified interest categories (lists).


Managed Services
(Includes Start Up Services)

  • Develop a comprehensive communications strategy for client that will include:
    An analysis of customer acquisition strategies as they relate to the capture of prospective customer information; analysis of existing contact information and strategies for supplementing information to maximize communications impact; and a communications framework including communication formats, frequency, content ideas, and measurement.

Email Template


Start Up

  • Select appropriate campaign template based on client goals
  • Customize email campaign using client’s branding, logos, social media channels
  • Image upload/resizing/editing


Managed Services
(Includes Start Up Services)

  • Content calendar creation
  • Additional template creation (i.e. for sales orholidays)
  • One-on-one product training

Campaign Execution


Start Up

  • Add client-approved content, subject line
  • Add permission reminder content
  • Campaign scheduling
  • Post-campaign metrics readout


Managed Services
(Includes Start Up Services)

  • Overall project management
  • Ongoing campaign reporting
  • Campaign auditing, resends
  • On-call support
Email Marketing Baltimore